Dark Lord of the Valley of the Yuirwood


Adia’s younger half brother Orron grew up with their family in their elven village deep within the Yuirwood of the material plane. As their mother Roshell was the leader of their community he felt it was his right to lead when their mother passed the torch, but knew the right would go to one of his two older siblings. One day, while Adia and Feriel were away, Adia’s father Leanu returned to the village and killed Roshell in a fit of anger. As Leanu fled in shame, Orron was struck by a sinister urge to drink from his mother’s blood. The moment the blood hit his lips he became an undead unlike any before him and the village and surrounding woods appeared within a pocket dimension that became much like a prison for him and his people. While Orron had gained control of the village and supernatural abilities he also discovered, to his horror, that any plant he touched with his naked hand would wither and die. He also found that the ever beautiful moonlight would slay him and that his physical features were grotesque and required magical assistance to disguise. For a hundred years he ruled the village and it’s people through fear, changing a few of his closest minions to an undead state. For food he craved creativity, beauty and will, feeding off of his own villagers and a nearby community of humans that Leanu had founded. Orron was killed by the party during a final confrontation between him, the party, and Leanu. His dark domain collapsed upon itself at his death, with the fate of those trapped there currently unknown.

“Thank you, Adia. We couldn’t have done it without you.”


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