Working Nine to Five

The doorway leads the party to a room with the dimensions of a giant cube. Before having a chance to explore, the room quickly transformed around them creating a hallway that vaguely resembled a generic dungeon. Venturing down the hallway they came to a sign that read “Good Monsters” and “Evil Monsters” with an arrow pointing in a direction for each word. Errik theorized that the structure was possibly similar to a dimension known as “Nirvana” or more accurately as “Mechanus”, which meant that the denizens, called “Modrons”, were a highly lawful race that didn’t really worry about if things were good or evil since they only went by what was most logical. Deciding that each direction probably lead to danger, the group split up. The group that headed down the Evil Monsters hallway found themselves in a metal forest that was designed to look as generically evil as possible (with even jagged monstrous faces designed on the trees), and a clockwork ogre that roared and raised a mighty club. The folks who traversed the Good Monsters hallway on the other hand found a metal “enchanted” forest, complete with a robotic unicorn that attacked them the moment they got too close. Both groups ran back down the halls quickly, nearly bumping into each other as they met back at the intersection. As they took a rest, they soon realized they were not alone and turned around to see a spherical creature with clockwork arms and legs that seemed to be fixing a sconce that the party had attempted to rip out of the wall earlier. Trying to speak and interact with it seemed completely useless, as it continued to perform it’s duty without acknowledging them. When the party dragged it away from the sconce a voice came up over an intercom system and asked them politely to not interact with the worker as he is not part of the simulation. When questioned “what simulation?” the voice replied “The dungeon simulation. It is the purpose of this unit to determine the point of a ‘dungeon delve’. After more questions with odd answers the party determined that the “unit” went by the designation “Nordom” (which is Modron spelled back-words of course) and that he had been at this post for several hundred years. He also informed them that the “prize” of completing the dungeon would be a portal to any location they wish. Attempts to reason with Nordom proved useless, so the party decided to tackle the Evil Monsters route together, as destroying a Robotic Unicorn just didn’t seem right.

Re-entering the evil, metal forest the party battled the clockwork ogre and two metal wolves. An oily moat down the center of the forest caught fire as Adia blasted it with lightning, and Serin blew one of the robot wolves into it. When their foes were taken down, the voice came on once again and asked the party politely to wait while repairs were made to the simulation. However, it also made the offer to send them home early if they so chose, and the party asked the Modron to send them to a city in the Razorpeak mountains where they could begin their search for the Deva bladesman. A white doorway sketched across the air, and the party passed through quite quickly.



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