Through the Looking Glass

Returning to Astrazalian the party was happy to discover Saryon waiting for them in Celia’s Song. Apparently he had spent the last week traveling with Euric and Morte, helping them run their small carnival. Saryon also mentioned an incident where a villager went missing after the carnival set up shop nearby. Later, Saryon explained, Euric brought the cart to a meeting with a band of gypsies who took a crate from Euric and pulled a nude and unconscious man from it. Saryon attempted to ask Euric questions but was given Euric’s typical half answers. Saryon was also shocked to discover that he had only been gone a week despite the month on the road with Euric. After reuniting and catching Saryon up with the party’s current issues, together they looked into notes taken from the mage and decided to investigate the hidden chamber that the Storm Crows had supposedly fought the lich from whom they claimed the stone and other secrets. In the mage’s journal there was a reference to a mirror along the floor within the Council of Houses chambers with the note “To break it you must say it’s name”. After trying to figure out the name of the mirror, Serin realized that the note was actually more of a riddle and suggested the answer “Silence?”. Immediately she sank down into the mirror. The others followed and found themselves in the ancient and dusty chamber. Encountering a fire skull with a nasty sense of humor and giant skeleton friends, the party fought their way to a library deeper down the corridor. In residence was a dryed up Eladrin who seemed annoyed with the party’s invasion of his private chambers. Ceradwyn, as he identified himself, claimed to be personally responsible for Alderbrushes’ current imprisonment because she was involving herself with the death of several council of chamber members. Sensing the power of the wrath stone, Ceradwyn offered them an “even” trade and gave them three options. They may either have a magic amulet that was a gift from the Ravenqueen to those who would defy death, a piece of the rod of seven parts, or he would release Alderbrush. Deciding that Alderbrush needed to be released for the party to find out what she knew of Acererack and also to gain Bertrow’s freedom the party made their decision. Ceradwyn gave them a bead that would melt the ice. When asked if he would free Kratash’s soul from the wrath stone Ceradwyn said “I will attempt to but make no promises. I will only dedicate 1 year’s time to this endevor as my time is incredibly valuable”. Returning to the surface the party released Alderbrush. However, despite being grateful to the party, Alderbrush was cautious about offering them assistance against a threat she felt they were not prepared in facing. When the party attempted to notify Lady Shandria that Alderbrush was involved in the plot against the council members, Shandria’s uncaring attitude made them realize that she too was involved. The two of them informed the party that the only way they would be convinced that the party was capable of facing Acererack and thereby be worthy of weapons and information, was to come with Astrazalian when it returned to the Feywild for six months. There the party would help the city defend itself against consistant Fomorian attacks. Should the party survive after the ordeal, Shandria and Alderbrush would consider their claims of being a threat to Acererack more seriously. Deciding that the two Eladrin were not being fair, considering that they were already likely breaking many of their own laws by murdering council members, the party decided they would decline the offer and find a way to expose the two of them.



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