Mad Tea Parties

After getting the name of the surviving council member marked for death the party decided to pay him a visit. The guards, as usual, were resistant to allow audience with the council member, but eventually allowed them through. Offering them tea, the council member seemed, at first, to be mostly sane as far as Eladrin are concerned. However, after more questioning, the party began to wonder if he was all there in the head when he began to poor hot tea into his lap without even flinching. Adia, not being one to mess around, bashed the Eladrin with his own teapot which shattered and cut up his face. He simply smiled and asked “would you folks like more tea?”. Suddenly it dawned on the party that maybe Shandria and Alderbrush had reason for their deeds as it was clear that someone had clearly altered the mind of several council members in such a way that their decisions could easily lead to the city’s downfall at Fomorian hands.

Suddenly the city began to shake and towers began to crumble as the citizens fled in terror. A young Eladrin appeared and led the party to what he claimed was a safe location. Instead they found themselves in yet another long forgotten chamber. After facing some undead sentries, the party found an ancient chamber dedicated to Seline (the moon goddess) that had been altered with dozens of magical circles that seemed to be the cause of the quakes. Setting off these circles was a drow Necromancer claiming to be working for Acererack who attacked the party with an ancient trap that he could activate from across the room. A battle erupted as the Necromancer summoned skeletons and his giant, hulk-like, zombie abomination charged and battered the party. Midway through the fight the Necromancer offered a truce. He would allow the party to leave the city before bringing it to the ground. Surprisingly the party, who had already grown to dispise the Eladrin of Astrazalian, declined the offer. The drow, enraged, ordered his minions to kill Saryon first as it was clear that his abilities were aiding the party the most. With a few close calls, the party was able to destroy the undead and subdue the drow. Suddenly, the young Eladrin appeared again and changed into Ceradwyn. Ceradwyn explained that he had overheard the conversation between the party and Alderbrush about proving themselves worthy of assistance against Acererack. The drow’s plot provided a great opportunity for the party to prove that they were capable of putting themselves in danger for the sake of others and Ceradwyn offered to give his assistance when Alderbrush would not. In exchange for the amulet and a set of matching magical tatoos the Eladrin asked the party to leave the city quickly and quietly. He would leave the unconcious drow for Lady Shandria who would easily make the connection that the drow was responsible for the recent troubles. As the party left, they looked back and watched the city of Astrazalian fade away.



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